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American Justice 2017

Minnow Films for BBC Two  

3 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for BBC Two

Episode 3: Reckoning
The courts face their toughest test - how to deal with children who kill. When he was twelve years old, Sharron Townsend was arrested for shooting a homeless man in the head. Now fourteen, he is facing justice. In Florida, children can be transferred to adult courts at the discretion of the State Attorney, so there is no upper limit on Sharron’s sentence. How will the Judge decide his fate?

Sharron isn’t the only teenage killer in the Jacksonville justice system. Jeremiah Hill shot a man during a gun trade when he was thirteen years old. Now the justice system must decide how best to protect society.

Child crime is the key battleground in the election race to be Jacksonville’s next State Attorney. As voters go to the polls, will they choose to stick with incumbent Angela Corey’s tough approach or vote for change through challenger Melissa Nelson?

Subtle, even-handed and thought provoking
The Times

A rare insight
Daily Mirror

American Justice

Filmed and Directed by
Arthur Cary
Jonathan Taylor
Tom Dixon-Spain
Tom Herington
Executive Producers
Katie Buchanan
Colin Barr
Anna Ryder
Gaby Aung
Production Managers
Nancy Nigro
Robert Ford
Junior Production Manager
Becky Barugh
Jon Opstad