Minnow Films
Sex Diaries 2015
Minnow Films for Channel 4  

3 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for Channel 4

A frank, intimate and warm-hearted examination of modern love lives in Britain today, this authored series from BAFTA and Emmy award winning filmmaker Charlie Russell, lifts the lid on three extraordinary and hidden worlds.

First we meet Webcam Couples, lovers in real relationships who choose to broadcast their sex lives online to an audience of thousands. What drives this new phenomenon: money, exhibitionist thrills, or a desire to have their relationships validated by strangers?

Next is Gigolos, in which we enter the world of male escorts trying to sell sex to women. With an estimated 15,000 British men advertising themselves as gigolos online, what is the reality of this hidden industry? Will women really pay to have their emotional and sexual needs fulfilled?

Finally Trans Lovers is a revealing portrait of British men who are proudly looking for love, and sexual thrills, with transgender women.

“A brilliantly sensitive and non-judgmental account”
London Evening Standard

The Daily Telegraph

“Russell’s gentle questioning is far more revealing”
The Radio Times

Charlie Russell on Love, Sex and Modern Relationships

Filmed and Directed by
Charlie Russell
David Murray
Will Grayburn
Executive Producer
Morgan Matthews
Lauren Rowles
Assistant Producer
Georgina Cammalleri
Production Managers
Sophie Ward
Nancy Nigro
Tim Goalen