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Children of the
Master Race 2009
Minnow Films for BBC Two   1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for BBC Two

In Nazi Germany in the 1930’s, a secret plan was hatched to create a so-called Aryan Master Race of blonde haired, blue eyed children. While millions of genetic undesirables were eliminated, this elite was being bred to populate the new German Reich.

This project was called Lebensborn – the brainchild of SS chief Heinrich Himmler. He said, “Should we succeed in establishing this Nordic race and from this seed bed produce a race of 200 million then the world will belong to us.”

The SS would be the sexual engine behind this patriotic procreation and an eager Himmler ordered his men to mate in and out of wedlock! He claimed jubilantly, “My men tell me with shining eyes that they have just had an illegitimate child.”

To swell master race numbers Himmler then went on to kidnap 200,000 Polish children for “Germanisation”.

65 years after World War II ended this film reveals what has become of those who were born and stolen to become the new the master race…

Gunttam Weber reveals how he discovered he was the secret godson of Himmler. Folker Heinecke tells how he was raised a German but discovered he was stolen from Poland. And Gisela Heidenreich tells how she grew up with a mother who helped Lebensborn create the Master Race.

“The icily bureaucratic way in which the Nazis were able to kill, terrorize and relocate people… shouldn’t, perhaps, be a source of surprise to us, given the amount of information available on the subject. But then a documentary such as this one comes along… and you’re forced to catch your breath again”
Pete Noughton, The Telegraph

“Haunting Stuff”
The Daily Mail

Children of the Master Race

James Cohen
Series Producer
Dov Freedman
Executive Producers
Morgan Matthews
Simon Berthon
Associate Producer
Izzy Charman
Ben Stark
Production Manager
Lucy Marshall
Production Assistant
Lucy Porter
Patrick Duval
Simon Firsht
Original Music
Richard Mead