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Before setting up Minnow Films, Morgan directed many critically acclaimed films whilst working
at two of the UK's most respected independent companies for documentaries - Blast! Films and Century Films.  
Beautiful Young Minds 2007
BBC TWO   1 x 90 minutes
Blast! Films for BBC2

Each year, exceptionally gifted teenagers from over 90 countries compete for medals at the International Mathematical Olympiad. Beautiful Young Minds follows a group of young British mathematicians in their quest to compete at the 2006 IMO in Slovenia.

For some of these young mathematicians, their gift has left them ostracised at school. Others on the autistic spectrum find socialising and confidence issues hinder their everyday lives. However, Beautiful Young Minds shows these young geniuses in their element, enjoying the subject they love and ultimately being celebrated, as they deserve. 

“My number one television documentary
of the year”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“Beautiful Young Minds was utterly brilliant…
the film was moving and insightful and told stories that were by turns funny and sad and never less than riveting”
The Observer

“One of Matthew’s virtues as a film-maker is his ability to get behind the oddity of his subjects to the places where they're feeling the same things as the rest of us… if you spot his name on a film, watch it”
The Independent

“A fascinating study of the formula-resistant nature of ”genius”… this film takes something mysterious and unknowable and finds a strange beauty there”
Sunday Times

Beautiful Young Minds

Nominated for

BAFTA Nomination for Single Documentary   BAFTA
Single Documentary 2008
RTS Nomination Best Observational Documentary 2007  

Best Observational Documentary 2007

Nominated for Grierson: 2008 Best Documentary   Grierson
2008 Best Documentary
Nominated for Prix Europa 2008  

Prix Europa

Official selection

Official Selection for the Britdoc Film Festival 2007   Britdoc
Film Festival 2007

Filmed and Directed by
Morgan Matthews
Joby Gee
Sam Hooper
Associate Producer
David Brindley
Production Manager
Clare Voyce
Executive Producers
Edmund Coulthard / Grant McKee