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Previous Films
Before setting up Minnow Films, Morgan directed many critically acclaimed films whilst working
at two of the UK's most respected independent companies for documentaries - Blast! Films and Century Films.  
My Crazy Parents 2004
Channel 4   2 x 50 minutes
Century Films for Channel 4

One in four people in Britain suffers from mental illness at some point in their lives. My Crazy Parents follows three families over six months, all of whom have a mum or a dad with mental health issues. Deeply moving and sometimes shocking in its raw honesty, these films explore the family situations through the eyes of the children, observing the effects on their young lives. 

“An intimate, involved and grown-up series
about mental illness”
TV Review, Time Out

My Crazy Parents

Nominated for

RTSNomination Best documentary series 2004  

Best documentary
series 2004

Filmed and Directed by
Morgan Matthews
Stuart Briggs
Original Music
Sam Hooper
Assistant Producers
Elodie Gornall / Melanie Spalton
Jeanette Bell
Production Manager
Jane Nicholson
Executive Producer
Brian Hill